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Stephen James - Song Writer

Stephen “James” Easterly grew up poor in a little logger town named, “Sweet Home.” It wasn’t Alabama; nonetheless, it was every bit as country. His Grandma was a preacher and an ex-stockbroker who upon her death left a trust fund, paying for any grandchildren who desired to go into ministry to attend seminary.  Stephen used the opportunity to attend a small college named, “Christ for the Nations,” and there he began to learn guitar and take voice lessons for leading worship. He discovered he had a gift for song writing and began making garage band recordings. His first CD was named “Breakout.” Stephen distributed over a thousand of them at Christian Event's called, “Promise Keepers.”

Marriage, work and raising kids took all Stephen’s time; but he always kept his love for music and creating.

Stephen had a dream of one day going to Nashville, TN and recording his songs professionally. In 2017 his dream came true. After working two jobs and saving up enough money, Stephen flew to Nashville and hooked up with some professional singer's, song writers and studio musician's. His music is a conglomerate of all their talent's and his. I hope you enjoy it…

If you would like to collaborate or use my music in your creative work, please contact me at stephenjamescountry@gmail.com